'Oppler', 2017 Transmitter Gallery, Brooklyn NY

'Discs in 3 truncated cones #1', 2016 enamel on aluminum 80 x 60 cm



'Oppler' in Transmitter Gallery, Brooklyn NY
31 March - 7 May 2017

This exhibition features artworks that visually move and shift beneath one’s gaze, triggering relational reactions, synesthetic responses, and wobbly eyes. The artists included have created works that straddle unmapped and unmappable spaces, where objects move and shift, triggering simultaneous contradictory sensory readings.

OPPLER includes works that tangentially relate to Op Art, Minimalism, Kinetic Art, Concrete Art and Color Field Painting, though none of these historic movements is fully representative of the work shown. The subject of the work is the work itself; what you see is what it is.

OPPLER includes site-specific installation, two-dimensional painting and low relief three-dimensional wall sculpture. While the three-dimensional works may appear flat, many of the two-dimensional works leap off the wall and into the eyes. Some pieces, as in the paintings by Nancy White, are slow and subtle, only becoming fully visible over time. Other works, like that of Stephen Maine, bounce and gyrate unprovoked.

OPPLER is the most recent in a series of exhibitions; Doppler Stop, DOPPLER, and Doppler Shift.

Steven Baris, Richard Bottwin, Edgar Diehl, Kevin Finklea, Brent Hallard, José Heerkens, Gilbert Hsiao, Gracia Khouw, Sarah Klein, Stephen Maine, Gay Outlaw, Debra Ramsay, Albert Roskam, Karen Schifano, Iemke van Dijk, Henriëtte van 't Hoog, Ruth van Veenen, Don Voisine, Nancy White, Guido Winkler, Patricia Zarate