'Yellow flags', 2011, enamel on aluminium 176 x 105 cm

'Flags without blue', 2010, gouache on paper 56 x 76 cm

'Horizontal', 2010, gouache on paper 56 x 56 cm

'Vertical flags, vertical in a square', 2010, gouache on paper 56 x 56 cm

'EU NL' 2010, gouache on paper 56 x 76 cm

2010 Collections

In the series `Collections` I use the multiplicity of coloured form of abstractions of flags. Once again I work within the context of self determined rules, and a non-artistic, objective starting- point. Once again my handwriting is obviously visible. Once again I am intrigued by the results of this starting-point. Do these 'regles des jeux' produce an interesting and/or beautiful image?

I start with all the national flags, placed in alphabetical order according to the country's name- using Dutch spelling. Then remove all the symbols and retain only the areas and stripes that run along at least one edge of the flag (although I must admit that I sometimes bend this rule). Mostly I respect the length x breadth relationships of each flag, sometimes the starting-point itself creates a uniformity. Sometimes I follow the nuances of colour of individual flags, at other times I restrict myself to the basic colours, but also perhaps just to black and white. I use the computer as a sketchbook and to calculate the (visual) relationships and magnifications.

In 2010 I worked these 'sketches' up into a series of paintings, in which one or more common characteristics were selected. As example, where all the national flags that are coloured at least for 50% red, or all flags without yellow, or all flags with at least two colours in them. In another series, form determined the choice: flags with horizontal or flags with vertical tracks.