Flags of the world', coloured pencil on paper 50 x 65 cm

'Flags of the world', ink on paper 50 x 65 cm

Flags of the world', gouache on paper 50 x 65 cm

Flags 1984

Flags, 1984

A long existing interest in flags resulted in 1984 in a small series of flag-paintings. Just before I started my Stichting Kunstprojecten (Artprojects: CV and Archives) I had a short period of time to make 7, 8 works with flags. Flags represent a rich source of geometric forms with given colours: 'ready made' raw material to be used in different structures.
All the works in this small series (pencil, gouache, oil, acrylic) consist of all the national flags of the world put in alphabetical order (in Dutch), as in a complete catalogue. Structure, complexity, objectivity in combination with the subjectivity of my handwriting.>b/>
From 1984 till 2010 I concentrated on my work as curator, producer and consultant. In 2010 I restarted to paint: flags.